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Citizens Charter


The J&K SC, ST & BC Development Corporation Ltd; was established in 1986 within the meaning of section 3(1) (iii) of the Company Act, 1956 (A non-profit making company). It is wholly owned by the J&K Govt. and is managed by the Board of Directors nominated by the J&K Govt.


“Poverty to Prosperity”
Endeavour for Social Transformation



To work for the socio-economic upliftment of weaker sections,
of the society through self employment avenues enabling them
to be economically dependant and self reliant members of the society.



The prime objective of the Corporation is to work for socio-economic and educational upliftment of its target group people belonging to Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Backward Classes, Notified National Minorities, Safai Karamcharis / Scavengers & Handicapped, to take wide range of socio-economic activities, to provide better self employment avenues so that they can become economically independent and self reliant members of the society.

The corporation is providing Financial Assistance in shape of subsidy (under SCA to SCP & SCA to TSP grants for SC’s. ST’s and OBC’s grants for Backward Classes) and loans in collaboration with Banks(Bank Tie-ups) and in collaboration with the following National Level Corporations ( under Direct Financing Programmers) for establishment of income generating units/self employment ventures.

  • National Scheduled Castes Finance & Dev. Corporation (NSFDC) New Delhi, (for Scheduled Castes).
  • National Scheduled Tribes Finance & Dev. Corporation (NSTFDC) New Delhi, (for Scheduled Tribes).
  • National Minorities Dev. & Finance Corporation (NMDFC) New Delhi (for National Minorities Male members).
  • National Backward Classes Finance & Dev. Corporation (NBCFDC) New Delhi, (for Backward Classes).
  • National Safai Karamcharis Finance & Dev. Corporation (NSKFDC) New Delhi, (for Safai Karamcharis, Scavengers & their Dependants).
  • National Handicapped Finance & Dev Corporation (NHFDC), New Delhi (for Handicapped male members).

These Apex Corporations provide the funds for setting up of income generating units, as per the following pattern:-

National Level Corporation’s Share = 80-90%
Corporation’s Share = 5-10%
Beneficiary’s Contribution = 5-10%
Interest on Loan = 4-10% (depending upon quantum of loan)

Any economical viable activity/scheme can be taken up for financing, mainly under the broad sectors like; Transport Sector activities, Agriculture & Allied Activities; Small Business/ Trade, Tiny/ Cottage industry or Service activities, Artisan & Traditional activities etc.

Financing Programmes under Direct Financing Schemes:

(i). TERM Loan Scheme

Under the Term Loan scheme, usually the Projects costing up to Rs. 5.00 Lakhs are considered. The Projects costing up to Rs. 30.00 Lakhs for SC’s, upto Rs.10.00 Lakhs each for ST’s, BC’s & National Minorities, upto Rs.15.00 Lacs for Safai Karamcharis, and upto Rs. 25.00 Lakhs for Handicapped categories can also be considered subject to allocation is provided by the respective National Level Corporations.
Interest: 6%-10% depending upon quantum of loan.

(ii) . Micro Credit Finance Scheme (MCF)

The loans upto Rs.50,000/- @5% interest p.a., to be repaid in ‘36’ months, for need based activities, is being provided under the scheme.

(iii). Mahila Samridhi Yojana (MSY)

The loans to the women beneficiaries of the target group, upto Rs.50,000/- @ 4% interest p.a., to be repaid in ‘36’ months, for need based activities, is being provided under the scheme.

(iv). Adiwasi Mahila SashaktikaramYojana (AMSY):

The loans, to Sch. Tribes category women, upto Rs.50,000/- @ 4% interest p.a., to be repaid in ‘54’ months, for need based activities, is being provided under the scheme.

(v). Mahila Kissan Yojana (MKY)

The loans, to Sch. Castes category women, upto Rs.50,000/- @ 5% interest p.a., to be repaid in ‘54’ months, for need based activities under Agricultural and Allied Activities to Agriculture sector, is being provided under the scheme.

(vi). Mahila Adikrikta Yojana Scheme ( MAY)

The loans, to Safai Karamcharis category women, upto Rs.50,000/- @ 5% interest p.a., to be repaid in ‘54’ months, for need based activities, is being provided under the scheme.

(vii). New Swarnima Scheme For BC Women

The Scheme is available for Backward Classes category women, for need based income generating units, the maximum quantum of Loan is Rs. 1,00,000- , at the rate of interest 5% p.a. and repayment period under the scheme is ‘54’ months.

(viii). SAKSHAM SCHEME:( For young Professional of BC Category)

The scheme is under Term loan costing upto Rs.10.00 Lacs is available for young professional of Backward Classes category to set-up their own self-employment ventures after completing professional courses such as Doctors’ Clinic, Nursing Homes, Physiotherapy Clinic, Bio-Mediacl Labs, Lawyers’ Office, Engineering unit, Chemist Shops, Architect Offices, offices for CA/Financial Consultancy etc. The rate of interest is 6-8%.

(ix). Shilpi Samriddhi Yojana (SSY) for artisans of SC category

The loan upto Rs.50,000/- under the scheme may be considered to the artisans and Handicraft persons belonging to o Scheduled Castes category . The rate of interest is 5% p.a and repayment period is’ 54’ equated monthly installments.

(x). Shilp Sampada for artisans of BC category

The objective of the scheme is to upgrade the Technical and entrepreneurial skill by way of providing training and financial assistance under Term loan scheme for Self-employment in traditional crafts. Under the scheme loan upto Rs.10.00 Lacs is to be provided to Backward Classes category persons at the rate of interest 6-8% and repayment period is ‘54’ equated monthly installments.

(xi). KRISHI SAMPADA SCHEME for BC category

Under the scheme Micro Finance for the small and marginal farmers of the target group Backward Classes category persons upto Rs.50,000/0 at interest rate 4%, is to be provided for vegetable growering or any other crop for their urgent requirement of funds during Rabi and Kharif..


C). Educational Loan

The corporation in collaboration with Apex Level Corporations is providing Educational Loan to the students of the target group categories for pursuing professional /Technical courses in India and abroad, at the following funding pattern:

Name of Apex Coprn./ Category
Max. Quantum of Loan for study (Amt.in Lakhs)
Rate of interest from beneficiary
Repayment period
In India
In Abroad
National Scheduled Castes Corp.
(For SC category)
4% for male &  3.50 % for female
Five years (repayment shall be commenced after six months of completion of course or getting employment whichever is earlier)
National Safai Karamcharis Corp (for Safai Karamcharis Category)
National Handicapped Corp.
(for Persons with Disabilities)
National Backward Classes Corp.
(for BC category)
National Scheduled Tribes Corp. (for ST category)
6%  for all
National Minorities Corp.
(for Notified National Minorities)
3% for all


D). Skill Development Programme

The corporation has been undertaking various skill development programme by imparting training to the candidates of the target groups to develop their skills and knowledge with a view to enhance their competence for wage employment /self employment.


E). Marketing

Besides other development activities, the corporation is promoting marketing facilities for the beneficiaries by providing them opportunities in the country’s leading fairs, like “India International Trade fair, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, Dilli Haat , Surajkund Craft mela etc. as well as in exhibitions/fairs organized in the states. The events not only much needed marketing exposures to the beneficiaries but also provide an opportunity to market their products at good price which usually they find difficult in their own places.

Details of Business Transacted by the organization

The corporation upto 31.01-2015 has covered 32,223 persons ( including 27,770 under Bank Tie-ups & 4453 under Direct Financing Schemes in collaboration with Apex Level Corporations) of the target groups by providing financial assistance to the tune of Rs.138.82 crores ( including Rs. 15.45 crores subsidy, 57.38 crores bank Loan and Rs.65.99 crores under Direct Financing schemes.

Details of Customers/Clients

Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Backward Classes, Notified National Minorities ( living Below Double the poverty line), Safai Karamcharis/ Scavengers & Handicapped (no income criteria), The disabled Persons(handicapped) should above the age of 18 years.

Grievances Redress Mechanism:

Nodal Officer mentioned below is nominated to receive and process the complaints/ grievances of the Public, who also discharges the duties of Departmental Vigilance Officer (DVO) and Public Information Officer (PIO).

Name: Sh. Mohd. Iqbal Kataria (Manager Projects)
Official Address: J&K SC,ST & BC Dev. Corp.,
7 Extension Shastri Nagar,
Jammu- 180004, Tel/Fax: 0191-2433229
Mobile: 94191-16306
E-mail: kataria.iqbal@rediffmail.com

Expectation from the Citizens/Clients

The target group people must come forward to avail the full benefits of the schemes/ programmes of corporation and become economically dependant and self reliant members of the society

For comprehensive details further the following offices can be contacted and also can visit
on website of the corporation: www.jkscstbccorp.in :

Head Office/Regd. Office:   At “ 7 Extension Shastri Nagar,Jammu- 180004
Tel: 01912433229, 2452009, fax: 2433229
Divisional Office Jammu:   At “ 7-Extn. Shastri Nagar,Jammu- 180004 ,Jammu,
Tel. 0191-2439015.
Divisional Office, Kashmir:   Exchange Road, Near Red Cross Office, Srinagar
Tel& Fax: 0194-2481988
District Offices:   The Corporation has its District Offices at all Districts
Head Quarters

Shri R K Bhatt ( KAS)
Managing Director
(Appellant Authority)
Tel/Fax: 0191-2433229 Mobile: 09419000822


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