Main Areas of Business/ Schemes

Bank Tie-up Scheme

(Download Sample Application Form)

This scheme is meant for those beneficiaries who are living below the poverty line and interested in the establishment of small income generating units up to Rs.1 lakh. This is a regular scheme of the corporation for the whole year and is not advertised.

Under the Annual Credit Plan of the Districts as approved by the concerned District Development Commissioners, the Corporation arranges, in each district, allocation of credit to be advanced by different commercial/rural/scheduled banks in shape of loans to the beneficiaries sponsored by the Corporation. In such cases, the Corporation provides subsidy to the extent of 50% of the unit cost subject to a maximum of Rs.10,000/ = (per unit) for Scheduled Caste & Scheduled Tribes beneficiaries and 33.33% subject to maximum of Rs.3000/- in case of Other Backward Classes beneficiaries who are sanctioned loans by the Bank under the scheme. Any eligible person desirous of establishing a Technically feasible and economically viable unit can apply to the District Managers of the Corporation under the scheme. The cases deemed fit under prescribed procedure are sponsored to banks operating in the area. After sanction of loan by the Bank the said incentive of subsidy is released by the Corporation to the beneficiary through bank for establishment of the income generating unit.

Direct Financing Schemes

Under Direct Financing Schemes the Corporation provides loan to the target group people who are living below double the poverty line, in collaboration with the following National Level Corporations. The Schemes are available subject to availability of funds from the respective National Level Corporation. The Schemes are advertised in local print and/ or electronic media accordingly:

  1. National Scheduled Castes Finance & Dev. Corporation (NSFDC) New Delhi,
    (for Scheduled Castes). (Download Sample Application Form)
  2. National Scheduled Tribes Finance & Dev. Corporation (NSTFDC) New Delhi,
    (for Scheduled Tribes). (Download Sample Application Form)
  3. National Minorities Dev. & Finance Corporation ( NMDFC) New Delhi
    (for National Minorities). (Download Sample Application Form)
  4. National Backward Classes Finance & Dev. Corporation (NBCFDC) New Delhi,
    (for Backward Classes). (Download Sample Application Form)
  5. National Safai Karamcharis Finance & Dev. Corporation (NSKFDC) New Delhi,
    (for Safai Karamcharis, Scavengers & their Dependants). (Download Sample Application Form)
  6. National Handicapped Finance & Dev corporation(NHFDC), New Delhi.

The National level Corporations provide Loans assistance to the Corporation to the tune of 85-90% of the project cost and 5-10% to be contributed by the J&K SCs, STs and BCs Development Corporation Limited and 5% is by the beneficiary.

The National level Corporations provides financing assistance in shape of redeemable loan to the J&K SCs, STs & BCs Development Corporation for implementing the scheme of loaning to the beneficiaries in the J&K State.

Procedure for selection: (To view Legal Documentation please click here)

The Corporation issues advertisements for seeking applications containing all terms and conditions in local print and/ or electronic media invariably as soon as a particular scheme/ project of financing is approved by the national level financing corporation.

On receipt of applications a district level selection committee scrutinizes the documents furnished by the applicant and conducts interview of the prospective beneficiary. Thereafter the selection is made keeping in view the genuineness of the applicant and feasibility of the activity in a particular area/ district. The date of interviews are notified to the applicants well in advance on their personal addresses. After the filed survey the corporation issues sanction orders and selected beneficiary is required to complete the legal formalities in a reasonable time. As soon as the documents are completed and the contribution is deposited by the beneficiary, the asset is purchased and handed-over to the beneficiary (as per the choice of the beneficiary) duly insured and the payment is released to the seller/ dealer. The beneficiary is to redeem the loan amount in 54 equated installments reckoning to one month from the date of establishment of the unit.

Term Loan Assistance:

The National level Corporations provide financial assistance in shape of redeemable term loan to the target group beneficiaries through this corporation to the extent of 85%-90% upto project cost of Rs.5.00 lakhs. Please click here to view the detail of Scheme.

Micro-Credit Finance Schemes (MCF)/ Mahila Samridhi Yojana (MSY):

  1. Under this scheme all the apex Level Corporations provide need based short term loans to the target group beneficiaries who are living below Double the Poverty Line ( DPL) up to unit cost. of Rs.50,000/= The Corporation provides loans to the target group beneficiaries at concessional rate of interest i.e. 5% per annum. The below poverty line beneficiaries who belong to Scheduled Caste & Scheduled Tribes categories are eligible for 50% (of the unit cost) subsidy subject to maximum of Rs. 10000/=
  2. The repayment period under the scheme is 36 months.
  3. On repayment/ clearing of loans under Micro Credit Finance, the eligible beneficiaries can avail any other loan/ financial assistance.

Mahila Kissan Yojana (MKY):

Under the scheme loans is to be provided, to Sch. Castes category women, upto Rs.50,000/- @ 4% interest p.a., to be repaid in ‘54’ months, for need based activities under Agricultural and Allied Activities to Agriculture sector.

Mahila Adikrikta Yojana Scheme ( MAY):

The loans, to Safai Karamcharis category women, upto Rs.50,000/- @ 5% interest p.a., to be repaid in ‘54’ months, for need based activities, is being provided under the scheme.

Educational Loan Scheme

The scheme is available for the students of SC’s, ST’s, BC’s, Notified National Minorities, Handicapped and Safai Karamcharis categories, in collaboration with respective National Level Corporations, subject to availability of funds from the Apex Corporations.

Eligibility Criteria: Same as prescribed by the respective Apex Corporation/s under Term Loan Scheme.

The Parent/ Guardian of the applicant to be taken as co- borrower/ co-applicant.

Objective of the scheme

To extend loans to the eligible students of the target group for pursuing full-time Professional/ Technical Education.
Purpose of Loan

The Educational Loan is meant to cover:

I). Admission Fees & Tuition Fees.
II). Books, Stationery and other instruments required for the course.
III). Examination Fee.
IV). Boarding and Lodging Expenses.
V). Insurance premium for policy for insuring loanees against loan in case of death or
Permanent disability.
VI). Travel Expenses/Passage Money for studying abroad.*
V). Caution Money, Development Funds etc.*
(* in case of NSFDC,NBCFDC, NSKFDC & NHFDC Edu. Loan Scheme)
a). The Educational Loan shall be provided through concerned Educational
Institutions, where the students have secured admission.
b). In case of Foreign Countries, only those institutions shall be considered which are
duly recognized by the concerned authorities.

Maximum period of course, Quantum of Loan, rate of interest and repayment period:

Name of Apex Coprn./ Category
Max. period of Course
Max. Quantum of Loan
Rate of interest from beneficiary
Repayment period
In India
Five years
(in case female 3.50 %)
Five years ( repayment shall be commenced after six months of completion of course or getting a employment whichever is earlier)

*There would be tag/marker on the Diploma/Degree of the student indicating his/her repayment liabilities.

Skill Development Programme:

Skill Development & Training Programme - The corporation has been undertaking various types skill development and Training programmes by imparting training, to the candidates of the target groups to develop their skill and knowledge with a view to enhance their competence for wage employment or self employment. Under the scheme the corporation arrange need based vocational training/Skill Development Programme with the financial support from the National Level Corporation or other source. The corporation has so far, provided the training to the target groups persons, in the field of Computer, Nursing Course, Typing, Amber Charkha, Calico Printing, Sisal Fiber Craft, Electrician, Tailoring, and Beauty Culture, Mobile Repairing etc.

Scheme for Liberation and Rehabilitation of Scavengers & their dependents (time bound scheme).

The Government of India, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment in the year 1992-93 had launched the “National Scheme for Liberation and Rehabilitation of Scavengers and their Dependents (NSLRS).

Objectives: The National Scheme for Liberation and Rehabilitation of Scavengers and their dependents was to liberate them from their existing hereditary obnoxious and inhuman occupation of manually removing the night-soil as a head load of filth and to engage them in alternative, dignified trade/ occupation in a time bound manner.

Implementation: The funds under the scheme was released by the Govt. of India in the year 1992-93 & 1993-94 for Rs. 102.50 lakhs for providing Financial Assistance in the shape of subsidy and Margin( redeemable loan @ 4% interest) by the corporation for establishment of income generating units with Bank Assistance.

In order to implement the scheme survey of the community was conducted way back in the year 1993 by the Urban Dev. Deptt. which was taken by the corporation and said survey cannot be treated as a realistic data as on date. Under the said program the corporation upto 31.3.2007 has trained 633 candidates in different trades involving financial assistance of Rs.38.34 lacs and has rehabilitated 384 number of scavengers and their dependents involving subsidy of Rs. 36.15 lakhs Margin Money of Rs.26.41 lakhs and Bank Loan Rs.64.73.

Re-formulation of the scheme with same objectives: Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment Govt. of India, had a relook at the scheme and it was felt that some Scavengers & their dependents are still required to be rehabilitated. The Ministry has re-formulated the new “ Self Employment Scheme for Rehabilitation of Manual Scavengers & their Dependents (SRMS) and accordingly the scheme has been approved by the Union Cabinet with the direction that the scheme be administered as a National Priority with and complete its implementation in a time bound manner by March, 2009.

Click here to view Implementation of "Self Employment Scheme for Rehabilitation of Manual Scavengers and their Dependents (SRMS)"

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